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How to use CSQRY using COMAPI in C#

CSQRY is the standard Sage 300 View CS0120. It basically takes the SQL Query as the parameter to its Browse method and then returns the records via calls to Fetch. CSQRY is easy to execute general SQL statements through the Sage 300 API. This way we don’t need additional database credentials and don’t need to… Read More »

Cannot access database (error=49153) in Sage 300 while accessing the Company

While trying to login to Sage 300 ERP application or accessing any Sage 300 Company, users may encounter an error such as “Cannot access database (error=49153). See Help for more information” New Stuff: – Project Job Costing – Project Style option in Contract Maintenance In this blog we are going to discuss about the solution… Read More »

QR code generation for each item on the OE invoice Report screen

As we are aware about Tax invoice report displays sales invoice details of particular customer with details like Item number, Unit price, customer, ship to and bill to details and many more fields. Apart from this one of our client has requested to print QR Code which includes different details like item number, Qty etc.… Read More »

Sage 300 – Custom Report for Order Delivery Status

In this blog we are going to discuss the custom report i.e. “Order Delivery Status Report” we have developed for one of our customers. The report will list the OE Orders – Shipments with status as “Late Delivered” or “On-Time Delivered”. New Stuff: Custom Utility to keep order invoice record with optional field The user… Read More »

The Reason and Resolution of Sage 300 ERP Database Error 49153

While trying to login to your Sage 300 ERP application or accessing any Sage 300 Company, users may encounter an error such as “Cannot access database (error=49153). See Help for more information” Wondering why this error pops up? Read below to know the reason behind this error in Sage 300, and get the resolution. Why… Read More »

Adding columns to the detail grid of Transaction Screens in Sage 300

You must be wondering why one has to write a blog on this topic specifically when Sage has a powerful and easy to use Optional field’s module which not only captures custom information on Maintenance and Transaction Screen but also Tracks the information from Originating document through GL and not to forget the capability of… Read More »

How to programmatically get List of Companies from the Accpac system

Almost every integration that we do between Sage Accpac ERP and 3rd Party Product, on our setup screen we have to display the list of all Accpac companies so that our connector knows which Accpac companies data is getting integrated with the 3rd party Product. If you are also writing something like this and need… Read More »

Use SQL Queries through Accpac view

There are few situations that almost every Accpac Developers face while working with Accpac Views, like… PERFORMANCE, when you have to browse/read a filtered piece of information from an Accpac table/view that has a huge size of Data, yes! Accpac certainly allows us to filter the Data on the fields that are exposed by the… Read More »

Combine Multiple Purchase Orders into One in Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac)

Often people ask for functionality where they can combine multiple PO’s into one so that they can maintain a single document for all open Items against a particular vendor and have single PO Receipt, plus sometimes enjoy reduced Freight obligations. Considering the need for this feature we have introduced a very simple and easy to… Read More »

Auto Insert associated Item in Order Entry Detail in Sage 300

Today while we were just scrolling through various forums, we just came across a thread on Sage Pro ERP forum (loop) where someone was looking for a solution for automatically inserting a line on Order Entry Screen, the business problem was for California based distributor who sold canned and bottled beverages and as per Californian… Read More »