Auto Insert associated Item in Order Entry Detail in Sage 300

By | April 26, 2011

Today while we were just scrolling through various forums, we just came across a thread on Sage Pro ERP forum (loop) where someone was looking for a solution for automatically inserting a line on Order Entry Screen, the business problem was for California based distributor who sold canned and bottled beverages and as per Californian law anyone who sells canned and bottled beverages must collect a special tax called CRV – (California Redemption Value).

For this they had a simple workaround where in they just created a non-stock Inventory Item for the tax and set its unit price as per the tax rate. So whatever QTY of a can or bottles they sold, they just needed to add this non-stock Item and it equivalent QTY and they were set. But this only worked as long as data entry user remembered this.

To address this problem of human error they wanted to automate this insertion of Tax line item by having the ability to relate the Bottle or Can Items with tax items.

Understandably by now you must be anxious enough to know that all this is fine but why am we are writing about this simple workaround mentioned on Sage Pro ERP thread in Sage Accpac ERP blog and how is it going to help the author of that thread?

Well while going through this thread we just remembered about a simple customization that we had done for Sage Accpac ERP for one of our clients to address a completely different business problem and how that same customization would have helped this user as well if he would have been a Sage Accpac ERP user, so realizing the potential of the customization to be fit for different business scenarios where ever automatically inserting of a line item arises. we thought we should write a blog on this and make the community aware of this tiny but useful solution, so that no one tries to re-invent the wheel and instead save some time.

This was for a client who sold frames (Glasses) and each glass was sold with a matching Case, where Case was also a Inventory Item, so what we did was we associated each Frame Item with its respective Case item using Optional field and every time a frame was inserted as Line Item on the Order entry screen the program would check if that frame is associated with any case if yes then it would automatically insert that Case Item just below the frame and set its QTY equal to what was entered on Frame Item.

Now you must have realized how this same customization would have worked as is for the first business scenario as well, similarly if you have any special offers like on purchase of x Item you get Y item for free or if you are selling a product that has mandatory Support plus, AMC charges, consultation fees or installation charges etc… this customization can be the solution to help you get away with human errors and also help increase your revenues by not missing to sell/charge your client for additional charges.

Going one step further if you want to have the option of choosing from multiple items and optionally including them into your sales order this would be mainly to increase the sales by offering related items (something like accessories) to your customer. You can go for Related Items Add-on that we offer where you can set list of related items and whenever you sell or add any item from this list on the Sales Order the program will automatically populate the list of related items to the User so that he can also offer these items to customer.

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