Work in your preferred theme of Sage CRM

By | November 25, 2013

Look and Feel” of an application plays an important role in the popularity and usability of an application. Sage CRM is not an exception to this. It provides an option through which one can change the default theme so that users can switch between to work in their preferred “Look and Feel” of the system.
To change the default theme of the application, please just follow the below given instructions –
1) Select Administrator >> System >> System Behavior. The system behavior page is displayed.
2) Select the change action button to change default theme and Navigate to the Default System Theme and change the theme from drop down list.
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3) Select Save. The new theme will display next time you log in as shown below.
Note: If a user has already selected a preferred theme in My CRM >> Preferences, then their preferred theme will not be overwritten.
Within couple of clicks one can easily set the default theme of the Sage CRM system.
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