Default quote expiration/Delivery date setting in Sage CRM

By | September 25, 2014

One of our clients recently contacted us with a requirement, where he wanted to set the default quote/order expiry date on quote/order screen to 30 days after the current date.
For this, we do not need to do any customization and it can be handled using Standard Sage CRM settings.
For this, you just need to follow below simple steps:
1.   Go to Administration -> Data Management -> Products.
2.   Select Product Configuration tab.
3.   Change the value in Default Quote Expiration After field, to your desired value. Please refer below screenshot.
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4.   Click on save button.
This will save the default quote expiration after 30 days.
OR we can accomplish the same result by using another way given below:
Below are the steps for the same:
1.   Go to Administration -> Customization -> Orders.
2.   Select Fields tab. Select Expiration / Delivery Date field from the list.
3.   From Default dropdown, the user can select below mentioned options as per their requirements:
a.   No Default: Use this option if you do not want to set any default value.
b.   Current Date/Time: Use this option if you need to set default value as Current Date.
c.   Current date plus delta mins: Use this option if you want to set Delivery Date ahead of some definite day to current date. You will need to enter time interval in minutes to “Minutes” field. Please note that, the number of days you need to add in current date should be converted in minutes. For ex. for 30 days we have to enter 43200 minutes in this field.  Please refer below screenshot for more details:
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