Testing SageCRM in Mobile friendly view

By | March 29, 2014

In today’s blog I will talk about one of the pain points faced by Sage CRM application testers. In development environment it doesn’t become always possible to host the application test version on static IP’s and access it on mobile device browsers. Testers find it increasingly difficult to test the application in mobile view. Here is how they can perform the testing on their desktop machines.
GUMU for mobile: Promote Orders in Real-time to Sage 100 from your Mobile/Tablet using GUMU Sage CRM – Sage 100 Integration
1. First of all download the Mozilla Firefox latest browser version from below URL.
2. Once Firefox is installed open the same and go to Tools || Add-Ons.


3. On the Add-On Manager page that opens, write user agent in search box and click on Finder button.


On the Add-Ons that are listed, select Add-On named User Agent Switcher and install the same. Once done, restart Firefox.
4. Once browser restarts, go to Tools || Default User Agent and select Edit User Agents button.


5. On the User Agent Switcher Options page select New button and add new user agent as follows. This is the one I have added for android device.


You can get user agent strings for your devices from below site.
6. Now same string also needs to be added to SageCRM Devices settings. Here is how I have done for Android device.


7. Once above steps are followed, you are ready to go. Open Firefox, go to Tools || Default User Agent and select the user agent you have added as follows.


8. Once this is done, type CRM URL in address bar and open it. You can see that the mobile view opens up which is Android in my case as shown below.


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