IIS Tip – Handlers and Feature Permissions

By | June 20, 2014

As we all know, Sage CRM is IIS driven application. IIS 7.0 onwards provides greater flexibility for providing the secure access to portals like SageCRM. However some of these enhanced security features if wrongly configured might also affect the functionality of CRM. In my view security settings in IIS should only be touched upon when an engineer has complete knowledge on how IIS works.
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Well, in today’s blog topic I would like to discuss about Feature Permissions under Handler Mappings section of IIS. All the requests which user makes while accessing CRM are handled by handlers which in turn returns information requested by the user. Hence all the handlers must be properly configured on portal. Also security rights must be properly assigned so that portal can access all the necessary resources while processing the request. Below are types of Permissions allowed for all handlers on web server, site, application or directory.
1. Read: Enables handlers that require read access. Clearing this will disable handlers that require read access to a virtual directory.
2. Scripts: Enables handlers that require script rights. Clearing this will disable handlers that require script rights in a virtual directory.
3.Execute: Enables handlers that require execute rights. Clearing this will disable handlers that require execute rights in a virtual directory.

These settings can be found under Handler Mappings in IIS Manager refer below screenshot for the same


With Scripts checkbox disabled, scripts may start failing. With Execute button disabled executable DLL files will not processed at IIS level. If you find any such issues please do not forget to have a look at these settings.

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