Synchronize Dropdown feature in GUMU Sage CRM – Sage ERP X3

By | August 30, 2014

As we have mentioned in our previous blog post, we are coming up with a new integration product where we will be integrating Sage ERP X3 with Sage CRM. With the help of this product, a user can create Orders and Customers from sage CRM to sage ERP X3 on real time basis. For creating orders/customers in Sage ERP X3 from Sage CRM, the following steps should be followed,
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1.  Import Customers from Sage ERP X3 to Sage CRM
2.  Import product from Sage ERP X3 to Sage CRM
3.  Synchronize Dropdown so that all the Essential dropdown values necessary for processing  orders  and promoting customers from  sage CRM gets populated in Sage CRM
In this blog post, we will go through the Synchronize dropdown process. Currently in our GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage ERP X3, we are synchronizing dropdown options for Tax rules, Sites, Currency and payment terms. User has to follow below steps to synchronize the dropdown,
1.  Login to Sage CRM.
2.  Navigate to administration > Sage ERP X3 > Synchronize Dropdowns.
3.  Select the Folder Name for which user wants to synchronize the dropdown.
4.  Select checkboxes for the dropdowns you want to sync in Sage CRM and click on the Sync button.
5.  Finally, refresh the Metadata.
Please note that this is a onetime process and if user adds any new options to any of the above dropdown field, then you just have to select that field in Synchronize dropdown page and click the sync button. This will bring the new option in Sage CRM.
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