Synchronization setting in GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage 100

By | August 30, 2014

In our previous blog post, we discussed about creating additional Contacts and addresses in Sage 100 ERP from Sage CRM. Similarly, user can add Additional Contacts and addresses in Sage 100 ERP which will get updated to Sage CRM on real time basis. But an Organization may want to sync the data only in one direction instead of both the directions i.e. user may want to update changes only from Sage CRM to Sage 100 ERP OR vice-versa.  So what does one do in this case?
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In GUMU, we have provided this feature to achieve the above functionality by setting the various Synchronization Status options in the configuration screen.

GUMU Sage 100 Integration
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In this Synchronization setting, there are 4 options through which you can decide the direction of integration. Below is the list of options and GUMU features that get enabled depending upon the synchronization settings,
1.   Both: If you have selected the direction of integration as Both, then the integration will work bi-directionally and update from either system will get reflect on other system.
2.   One Way ERP to CRM: With this setting, any changes from the sage 100 ERP will get updated to Sage CRM system on real time basis. However, update from Sage CRM system will not get updated to Sage 100. User can also use the Import Customer and Import Product routine with this setting.
One thing should be noted here that for Sage 100 to Sage CRM updates, apart from this configuration setting, GUMU Module configuration “active” option should also be checked.
3.   One Way CRM to ERP:  If the user wants the records to be updated only from Sage CRM to Sage ERP, then you will have to set the synchronization setting as “One Way CRM to ERP”. Here you cannot run the import routine and the flow of data will only be from sage CRM to sage 100.
4.   None: As the name suggests, this functionality will stop the syncing of data from the two systems and it will disable the integration.
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