Tab Control in Sage CRM v7.2

By | September 25, 2014

Sage CRM v7.2 has introduced a new feature in client side scripting library which helps to customize Sage CRM as per our needs. Recently we came across similar features that can be used to control Sage CRM tabs.
New Stuff:  Increase the size of Search SQL text
Let’s consider an example where the user wants to show Quotes tab only for the Admin users. If user is non-admin user then Quotes tab should not be visible. Here are the steps that you need to follow.
1) Login to Sage CRM.
2) Navigate to below path.
Administration | Customization | Opportunity.
3) Navigate to Screens tab and click on the Opportunity Top Content screen.
4) Copy and Paste below code into the Custom Content section of screen.
crm.ready (function ()
if (CurrentUser.user_per_admin== 3)
crm.showTab (‘tabnames’,’Quotes’);
crm.hideTab (‘tabnames’, ‘Quotes’);
5) Click on Save button.
For Admin users: 
For Non-Admin users: 

You can apply above code to any other entities based on different conditions. Happy scripting.

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