Change default appearance of Notification Area in Sage CRM 7.2

By | November 26, 2014

Sage CRM is very much capable to implement various business solutions with a simple tricks. We have already posted several blogs regarding style sheet in CRM where we can achieve different business needs with simple configurations. In this blog I will explain how to change default appearance of Notification area in Sage CRM 7.2
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As we know Sage CRM 7.2 has more attractive user interface and look and feel than its earlier version. Regarding Notification area it has been shifted from Main frame to upper part of CRM. May be the idea was not to disturb user while working.
While working on Sage CRM, I came across one strange but interesting requirement from one of our client where he needs some UI related changes at Notification area. Basically his concept was to highlight that portion in such manner so that user will not lose his/her focus from the same.
I was thinking whether this can be achieved via simple solution or do I need to do apply custom CSS. Finally I found a very nice and simple trick which served my purpose. I followed below mentioned steps and changed default appearance of Notification area.
1) By using debugging properties of Internet Explorer browser, I find out which CSS id is getting apply on this particular area. The CSS id name is “NotificationsDiv”.
2) Go to your Sage CRM root directory. “WWWRoot\Themes”.
3) Select appropriate CSS file out of three CSS files. (For this you need to check value of field “Preferred Theme” in preference Tab) In my case it was “Sage” and for this particular theme, Sage CRM applies “color1.css
4) Open this file and find “NotificationsDiv” and changed value of property “background-color”. In my case I set hex value of red color as per client specify by client. Refer below screenshot.
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