Preparing your first level CRM Demo? Have a Look!

By | November 20, 2014

We talk a lot about implementer’s and testers even sometimes about developers who work on CRM. There have never been much of tips or tricks discussed for Consultants. This made me write something for Presales consultants today!
I kept this topic for an open discussion among various CRM experts to gather as much opinions as possible and came to a common conclusion which I am sharing with you.
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Many times our Sales managers come to say “we need to show a plain vanilla instance at first meeting” but I don’t agree to this approach even if it is just an introduction of our product. Since a customer could not understand easily how a “vanilla platform” could really implement their own processes and will prefer someone showing them a pre-configured solution. So whenever I go for first round of CRM demonstration, I used to configure or sometimes customize our CRM software before presenting it to the prospect; believing in first impression as a last.
After concluding various inputs on this topic, below are the opinions which could help the consultants to leave a better impression of the product even if it is at first level demo as compared to a plain instance –
1) Prospect’s logo should be configured wherever possible in the product.
2) Information collected from Sales person as per his/her discussion with prospect helps in configuring the screen, reports, workflows and rest of the functionalities.
3) Prospect’s website helps in knowing nature of business, business terminology and product line etc… to configure.
4) Your own insight can help too.
5) If required a con call with prospect helps.
6) Ultimately you should imagine keeping yourself in place of customer while configuring your product.
It is a known fact that clients will like when they are offered a personalized approach as it will help them understand the tool in accordance to their business requirements and will prove helpful in impressing them with the personalized approach.
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