Display data in Graphical form in Sage CRM

By | December 10, 2014

Sage CRM is an user friendly crm solution in which one can customize the way they want to extract data for analysis and reporting. In this blog post, we will explain how to use Sage CRM Graphic objects to show data in Graphical mode.

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Consider an example where you want to show Forecast Data in Graphical form. You need to follow below steps for the same.
1) Login to Sage CRM and Navigate to below path.
Administration | Customization | Opportunity Progress
2) Select the Screens tab and click on the Opportunity Status Box.
3) Select Forecast (oppo_forecast) field and paste the below script in the Create Script section.
var strForecast=CRM.GetContextInfo(‘opportunity’,’oppo_forecast’);
var graphic;
graphic.DisplayForm = false;
graphic.ImageWidth= strForecast/5;
graphic.GradientFill(‘Green’,’ Green ‘,’LeftToRight’);
graphic.TextOut(40, 1, strForecast, true);
Caption = CRM.GetTrans (“colnames”, oppo_forecast”) +”:”+graphic.Execute();
CaptionPos = 2;
4) Click on Update button and finally click on Save button to save changes.
Now when you navigate to Opportunity Summary screen, you will observe that Forecast field is visible in a Graphic format as shown below.
You can apply this trick to any other field with a few changes.
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