Sage CRM 7.3 – Introduction of New Opportunity Workflow

By | January 28, 2015

With the latest release of Sage CRM 7.3, Sage has introduced a new and quicker way of creating Opportunities in Sage CRM through Quick Sale Workflow. The Quick Sale workflow has limited and fewer stages than the standard workflow. This new workflow would be beneficial in an organization where product selling lifecycle need not to be complex and can be closed with few steps.
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Let us see how this workflow will work in an actual scenario. By default this workflow will be available in a disabled mode which can be activated by navigating to below screen.
Administration | Advanced Customization | Workflow | Quick Sale Workflow and click Activate Workflow.
From main menu context, New Quick opportunity option can be selected by clicking on Add button available on top context as highlighted below.
Clicking on New Quick Sale button the standard opportunity screen will be available for user to capture required information on Opportunity Summary screen. Once data is saved, Opportunity summary screen along with New Workflow will be available for user to progress the opportunity from one stage to another. See below screenshot for your reference.
The stages on Quick Sale Workflow will be:
A. Sold
B. On Hold
C. Cancelled
D. Lost
As and when discussion happens with the prospect Sales user will take the necessary action to progress the opportunity by choosing the required stages as depicted above. As and when opportunity is progressed system will change the stages which will create a Sales Pipeline for Team.
However, when Opportunity is moved to SOLD stage an additional workflow rule will be displayed to user as shown below.
Cross sell is the new workflow stage which will allow user to create an Opportunity based on current opportunity which you’ve already won. For example, if you win a deal to sell computers, you could create a new opportunity to sell computer maintenance plans.
On selecting, Cross sell workflow stage opportunity screen will have two additional fields on same screen named as Cross sell Opportunity and Original Opportunity. See below screenshot for your reference.
Essentially, these two fields are added on the screen just to link the original opportunity against which user is creating cross sell opportunity.
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