By | October 24, 2014

The day when it was announced that CRM is available on cloud (i.e. Sage CRM 2014 R2); the curiosity and thirst of knowing new features as well as the look and feel of available features have been in lot of demand, among the partners. Keeping this in mind, I decided to share a post about one of the powerful feature which CRM have and which makes it much more prominent i.e. Workflow.
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Workflow, a most efficient tool of CRM helps to progress the work in most systematic way. It also helps in getting the track record of who is updating what which makes it the best selling point of Sage CRM.
We can define various Rules for systematically updating data for the entities through workflow.
Workflow feature has been retained in “Sage CRM 2014 R2”. I will give a short walkthrough of how workflow is maintained on Cloud CRM.
1. On logging a new case in Cloud CRM (Here I am referring ‘Case’ entity). Workflow actions are made available on top-right corner of screen under ‘Actions’ drop down list.
2. Click on any action say, “Queue” action.
3. Below Progress Screen appears where user can capture tracking details too.
4. On Click of ‘Save’ button, Case summary screen is displayed where the stage is set to “Queued”. And a new set of actions are made available.
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