Real time changes from Sage CRM to Sage Pro and vice versa

By | November 27, 2015

Our GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage Pro is a real time integration link.  Today in this blog, we will discuss how real time changes from Sage Pro to Sage CRM and vice versa works.
Below are the List of Real Time processes.
1. Creating/updating Customer records from  Sage Pro to Sage Pro CRM  and vice versa
2. Updating Address/Contacts records of Customers from  Sage Pro to Sage CRM and vice versa

New Stuff: GUMU for Sage CRM-Sage PRO is now compatible with latest Sage CRM 7.3

1. Creating/updating Customer records from Sage Pro to Sage CRM and vice versa :- Once Customer is imported from sage Pro to Sage CRM (for first time after GUMU Integration is installed), Sage CRM users no need to run Import customer process again as it is just one time process. If Sage Pro users creates/update customer in Sage Pro, it will get created in Sage CRM on a real time basis.
Note :- Sage PRO customer will be not created/updated in Sage CRM on real time unless “Sage CRM Integration” checkbox is checked from Details tab of Customer Maintenance screen of Sage Pro .
Sage Pro Company
2. Updating Contacts from Sage Pro  to Sage CRM:- In Our GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage Pro, we sync all the customers from Sage Pro to Sage CRM using Import customer feature. This will also bring in pimary contact and Address information of a customer from Sage Pro to Sage CRM. But if Sage CRM users wants to update address and contacts from Sage CRM – Sage Pro, users need to follow the below mentioned processes.

  1. If you would like to update person in Sage Pro, you have to select Sage Pro ERP Contact type checkbox on person entry screen as given in below screenshot.Sage CRM person
    Note :–  If you do not check the “Sage Pro ERP Contact” checkbox , it will not update that person as a contact into Sage Pro.
  2. If you would like to save the person as a default person in Sage Pro company then while saving the person in Sage CRM, please check “Set as default person for company” option as well as Sage Pro type. GUMU will set the contact as primary for the customer in Sage Pro.
  3. Once user saves person into Sage CRM by selecting “Sage Pro ERP Contact checkbox , it will update into Sage Pro on a real-time basis as primary contact for the corresponding customer.

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