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Sync Company Address from Sage CRM to QuickBooks using GUMU™ Integration

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – QuickBooks integration link is an external bi-directional link which synchronizes data from Sage CRM to QuickBooks and vice versa. In our GUMU™ link there are various number of Synchronization processes. Today in this blog, we will walk through the process of syncing address from Sage CRM to QuickBooks customers using… Read More »

Real time changes from Sage CRM to Sage Pro and vice versa

Our GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage Pro is a real time integration link.  Today in this blog, we will discuss how real time changes from Sage Pro to Sage CRM and vice versa works. Below are the List of Real Time processes. 1. Creating/updating Customer records from  Sage Pro to Sage Pro CRM  and vice versa… Read More »

Sage CRM with Google Maps

Our customer means a world to us so how about putting the customers on the world itself. In Sage CRM there are existing add-ons which enable us to pin point a certain customer on the map. The Google powerful mapping features allows you to note the driving directions to his office and use the advance… Read More »