Retrieve Key Value using Custom URL

By | January 29, 2016

In Sage-CRM we often use the URL filtration methods for multiple purpose like when we need to redirect .Net page or build custom URL or set the key value in JavaScript to a particular page.

For this, we need to filter the Key values by taking the reference from current URL and get the required Keys Value. It is easy to take the Key value when it is available in the current URL. But it becomes quite difficult when we did not find the key in current URL.

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Once a new record is created and saved it redirects the screen to summary page but this page does not contain the Entity Key value in URL. To handle this scenario, we create our own URL by using JavaScript function which is added below.

//’Function to get URL with Key Value
function getTopURL()
var allCells = document.getElementsByTagName(“a”);
var parentspan = allCells[i].href;
sUrl = parentspan;
return sUrl;

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