Features to manage Images through Sage CRM – Part 3

By | January 30, 2016

This blog is continuation of our previous blogs “Features to manage Images through Sage CRM Part 1 and Part 2” in which we have explained the process to upload and display images on CRM screen along with Zoom In and Zoom Out functionality.
Now we have developed an additional feature in the same functionality called Print specific no of photos/images per page.” I will explain you this functionality in today’s blog.
New Stuff: Retrieve Key Value using Custom URL
With the help of .Net API and JavaScript scripting we were able to achieve this requirement. We are using the standard feature of Document Upload to upload the Images in CRM.
The functionality is very simple and works as below.
1) User has to click on “View Images” button to view photos. Clicking on the same, images which has been uploaded in CRM against particular case will get opened in one pop up window.
2) From Per Page Image field as shown below user has to select the required option to Print the images. For e.g. If user wants to print 2 images per page then hand then click on “Print” button. Accordingly, per page images will get printed.
3) After selecting the option from above field user have to click on Print Button to display images.

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