Highlight fields using Client side API in Sage CRM

By | February 18, 2016

As we know that Dot net API provide various functions using which we can highlight the rows, columns or field by giving background color. The standard function will only highlight the field with a color but we can also change the setting to highlight the border of the field.

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To remove background color of a field follow below steps:
1. Go to “<installation path>\WWWRoot\js\docs\clientSideAPI\files\temp_Z010_crmAPICore.js”.
2. Search the function highlight (color, borders, backgrounds, text) in the file and remove the background section.
3. Save the JavaScript and Login to Sage CRM.
Code Chanege 3
Before Changing the JavaScript the field was displayed as below.
Before Change 2
Now, after changing the JavaScript it will look like as follows.
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