Remove Toolbox from Gadgets in Interactive Dashboard

By | March 22, 2016

Interactive Dashboard feature of Sage CRM 7.3 is one of the most powerful and useful feature designed yet by Sage. Variety of gadgets, lists, charts are easily available and by configuring them together we can build various reports based on our need. One more useful thing is you can control it’s CSS as well in order to display gadgets as per your requirement. In today’s blog, I will explain you how to remove toolbox from gadgets by using css.

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Recently, in one of our implementation we came across a scenario where customer had asked us to remove toolbox from every gadget on dashboard. Requirement was very strange but still we thought this as challenge as started working on it.

Initially we thought that there should be some configuration in CRM from where we can control toolbox functionality but we could not find the same. As an alternative, we started looking from designed point of view and looked for css.

After some research, we were able to find that particular .css file who is mainly responsible for controlling toolbox functionality. We modified this file and able to meet our requirement. Please refer below given steps for the same.

1. Initially you will see standard dashboard with toolbox as per below screenshot.


2. Go to your CRM’s root directory (where you have installed CRM).
3. Look for “ext-all.css” file.
4. Go to line no 692 where you will find below code written.
“.x-tool{overflow:hidden;width:15px;height:15px;float:right;cursor:pointer;background:transparenturl(../images/default/panel/tool-sprites.gif) no-repeat;margin-left:2px;}”
5.  Set value of width parameter as 0 i.e. width:0px.
6. Clear your browser cache and log into the CRM. You will see dashboard gadgets without toolbox. Refer below screenshot.


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