Disable Promote to Order button on SWT screen

By | March 25, 2016

As we know Sage CRM is very effective in managing the Sales and Services with the help of various entities such as Lead, Opportunity, Quotes, and Orders etc. Using each of the entities customer data can be maintained and requirement can be fulfilled.
The integrated solution of Sage CRM allows us to create a link between Sage CRM & Sage ERP 300 which allows synching of tables and database of Sage 300 ERP. Further, Quotes and Orders can be created using integrated platform of Sage CRM.
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In our recent development activity we came across a different requirement wherein our customer didn’t want his users to promote Quotes to an Order from Sage CRM. Refer to below screenshot which displays Promote to Order button on Quotes tab.   
So, to hide this button from screen we have made changes in following page sagecrmquotesummary.xml” located at below path.
1) Go to following path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage\Sage 300 ERP\Tomcat\portal\swtServices\uiDefinitions\oe62a\eng\sagecrmquotesummary.xml
2) In this file, search for “button_promote” keyword and comment out the following highlighted code line.
Now, if we are hiding the Promote to order button then we have to disable the checkbox from the screen. To disable the checkbox you have to again comment out the codes as shown in below screenshot.
Promote to order
Now, after modifying the script as explained above following will be Quotes screen with no Promote to Order button.
Quotes screen

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