Hide Interactive Dashboard Panel for Non Admin User

By | March 30, 2016

As we know the Interactive dashboard of Sage CRM is a wonderful feature that allows us to have immediate access to a wide variety of information. With the Sage CRM interactive dashboard, users can manage all their activity from one place. This includes their calendar, their tasks, their lists, their opportunity and web and RSS feeds throughout your organization and enabling your staff to accomplish more from a tailored workspace that combines the information they use every day.

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In this blog will explain you how to hide interactive dashboard Panel for non admin user in sage crm which restrict user from creating new dashboard, new gadget and templates.

Basically you will see standard dashboard with Panel as shown in below screenshot.

Image1To Hide dashboard panel follow below steps.

1. Go to “<installation path>\WWWRoot\Interactive Dashboard”.
2. Open “InteractiveDashboard.asp” page.
3. Paste below code after HTML End.

$(“.x-table-layout td.x-table-layout-cell”).each(function(){
$(this).hide(); })
} },3000);

Once you have added above code, Login to the Sage CRM and you can see that interactive dashboard panel are not visible for the non admin user as per the below screen shot.


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