User specific data on Interactive dashboards

By | August 25, 2014

Interactive dashboards add up to overall look and feel through which data is rendered to management users. Dashboards help review team’s performance over the time. However some users may want specific dashboards like Leads that are assigned to them only. Yes this is similar to Leads pipeline however I may want to keep tab on all high priority leads on my dashboard. Here is how you can quickly design such user specific dashboards.
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1. First step is to create a view for the data you want to look at. For example create SQL view on Lead entity with high priority leads. Set this view as Reports view.
2. Create new report based on this view named “High Priority Leads”. At the time of creating this report make sure to check the checkbox named “Filter by Current User” as shown below.
3. Now on your dashboard create a List gadget for Lead entity. On step 2 of 5 while creating dashboard select the report that you have created.
4. Adding this gadget to Sales Dashboard, every sales user will be able to see only his high priority leads.
5. As you see in above screenshot it can also be done using saved search. User can find Leads assigned to him and in High priority through Find Lead option. Then save the search criteria. These Saved searches are available at the time of creating gadget under “Saved Search” section.
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