Contract Management in Sage CRM

By | November 5, 2016

In today’s business world Contract management has become a core process of any organization. Contract management helps in managing contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees.

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Greytrix has launched a new product – Sage CRM Contract Manager which enable Users to optimize the lifetime value of business relationships by centralizing, standardizing and systemizing the entire contract lifecycle, from creation through expiration or renewal of Contracts.

Our product enables Users to enter new contract details against a customer in Sage CRM. Few of the fields defined under contract are

  • Contract Type gives the option to choose a certain type of contracts on the basis of its templates that are made available.
  • Contract Duration states the duration of the contract.
  • Start Date and End Date defines the start and end date of any contract.
  • Contract Status defines the status of the contract.

Contract management in sage crm Summary

Users will also have the ability to define Contract Clauses. Clauses can be created as a separate entry in Sage CRM and can be linked to contract from clauses tab at contract context. These clauses can be used a specific aspect related to the overall subject matter of the agreement and define duties and rights that fall under contract terms.clauses tab at contract context. These clauses can be used a specific aspect related to the overall subject matter of the agreement and define duties and rights that fall under contract terms.

contact management in sage crm Clauses

Our Contract Manager comes with its own workflow, which will help Users manage the lifecycles of contracts. When a contract has been created, it will move through various stages defined in its workflow until it is finally approved. These stages are contained in the workflow and are customisable as per business requirement.

The Workflow rules are follows:

  • Editing:

Clauses are added to the contract and various changes are made. Once all changes have been made, then the user chooses “Editing Complete” and this will move the contract to the next stage of the workflow – “Draft 1 Manager Review”

  • Draft 1 Manager Review:

An automatic email is sent to the approving manager informing him/her of a contract waiting for their approval. A link is provided in the mail to facilitate speedier access.

sage crm contact management Email

The Manager approves and chooses Draft 1 Manager Approve” which then moves the workflow to “Draft 1 Supplier Review”.

  • Draft 1 Supplier Review:

At this stage, an automatic email has been sent out to the Customer/supplier with a PDF version of the contract for their review.

  • Draft 2 Manager Review:

The Contract has been approved by the Customer/Supplier and now is available for final approval.

  • Approved:

This stage represents approval by both parties on the terms and conditions and overall contract in general. The Contract becomes active on this date and the end date/notify date are calculated automatically.

Workflow also enables Users to move the contract back to the “Editing” or “Draft 1 Change” stage and iterate the process again.

Users can also generate contract agreement document at any stage from contract summary screen and the generated document will be stored in the documents section of contract context.

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