Modify User Preferences from Info Manager user's Login

By | October 19, 2016

Info Managers exist, particularly in larger organizations, to let you give a number of power users the ability to perform some specific system administration tasks – such as uploading templates, or maintaining currency conversion rates – without opening up the whole of the Administration area to them.

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An info manager with all rights is not able to edit another user’s user preferences. If an info manager selects the user from the administration menu the preferences tab will not be visible. Only a system administrator can edit another user’s preferences, but not an info manager with all appropriate rights.

Below is the query that will help you to give rights to edit another user’s user preferences to an Info manager through backend.

1. To do this, open SQL management studio and execute below query-
UPDATE ActionSecurity SET acse_value = 1 WHERE acse_action IN (1670,1672)
2. Once done, execute metadata refresh and check.

  • User panel before executing above SQL query.


  • User panel after executing above SQL query.

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