Yammer with Sage CRM

By | June 30, 2017

Yammer seamlessly enables connections to people and information from across your organization that you never knew existed, making it easier to move your work forward. Use Yammer Groups to stay in the loop with the work going on across your team. Engage the whole team in solving problems and identifying the best ideas, without the usual back-and-forth. Conversations in Yammer make it easy to quickly share information on a topic, have active discussions around it, and agree on next steps which will save the time of writing perfect emails.

Using Yammer you can start a group for a project or your team, where you can share ideas, questions and updates within group. Upload files, photos and video while having a conversation is possible using yammer. Yammer mobile phone app is available for iOS, Android and windows.

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To install and configure the Yammer Component refer following steps:
Step to configure a Yammer app with Sage CRM
1) Log In or sign up to your Yammer account using https://www.yammer.com .

2) In the top left part of the Yammer window, click the icon shown in below screen, and then click Apps:

Yammer window

Yammer window >Apps

3) In top right part of the yammer window click on My App, shown in below screen.
My App

My App

4) Click on Register New App. Fill the required information to register the app.

Register New App

Register New App

5) In Redirect URI, enter the Sage CRM access URL in the Format https://<Server IP Address> /<InstallName> as shown in above image.

6) Click on Continue to finish with registration. Not down the client ID which will require in step 9 while configuring Yammer in CRM.

Client ID

Client ID

7) Click on Basic Info, in JavaScript origins enter details as below and click on save.

  • http://<Server IP Address>/<InstallName>
  • http://<Server Name>/<InstallName>
JavaScript origins

JavaScript origins

8) Download the Yammer Component. After download upload and install yammer component in sage CRM.
9) Replace all instance of string “YOUR-APP-CLIENT-ID” with app’s Client ID from step 6.

  • <Sage CRM installation folder>\WWWRoot\CustomPages\Yammer\lib\js
  • <Sage CRM installation folder>\WWWRoot\js\custom\YammerGadgetInit.js

10) Log on to Sage CRM. On the main menu, click My CRM | Yammer.

11) If you’re not logged on automatically, click Log in with Yammer to log on. During logon, you may be redirected to the Office 365 logon page. If prompted, allow to forward your credentials to the Yammer app. Once you log on, the contents of your Yammer account should display in My CRM | Yammer.

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