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Disabling MailChimp Integration from Sage CRM

MailChimp is an email marketing solution that is integrated with Sage CRM to let you create online campaigns, send emails, and track results for campaigns. You can easily integrate MailChimp with Sage CRM by configuring API key and List Id. Related Stuff: Unable to save MailChimp Configuration in Sage CRM In this blog I will… Read More »

Discount functionality in GUMU™ Sage CRM – Sage EM Integration on line item level

In our latest version of GUMU, we have added Discount functionality wherein user can add discount on product level. New Stuff: Creating Quotes and Orders for Prospects using GUMUX3 connector User can create quote and order in Sage CRM by adding discounts on line item level and later can promote quote and order into Sage EM.… Read More »

GUMU™ Sage CRM – Sage EM Integration version 1.2 field mapping

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage EM integration is a real-time bi-directional integration between Sage CRM and Sage EM enables users to access customer, invoice and order information from either of these two systems. New Stuff: Pre– Requisites for installing GUMU for sage CRM- Sage EM Today, in this blog we will go through field mapping of GUMU™… Read More »

Generate reports in CRM using External Database – GUMU™ CRM – Sage EM Integration (Part II)

In our previous blog , we created Sage CRM View to generate reports in Sage CRM. Today, we will discuss how user can generate/view reports in CRM. New Stuff: Pre– Requisites for installing GUMU for Sage CRM- Sage EM Below is the flow of generating Sage CRM report, Click on Reports -> General. Refer below screenshot,… Read More »

Migrate Contact from other CRM as Company record into Sage CRM

Greytrix is a pioneer in providing Migration services at its Sage Migration Centre and catering end-user business requirements. We at Greytrix are focused to help the client in successfully implementing the new Sage CRM system through our various successful migration and integration solutions. We provide data migration services from different CRMs like ACT! , Goldmine,… Read More »

Empty Recent List for each session feature in Sage CRM

One of the best feature of Sage CRM is that users can view the records which he has recently visited with the help of Recent List option. Recent List is available for all standard entities like company, person, cases etc. as well as for custom entities. Default value for displaying records in recent list is… Read More »

Enabling secure email connection in Sage CRM

One of the powerful tool in business industry is Emailing. Sage CRM also provide emailing feature. Users can send or receive emails from CRM or they can even do Mass Mailing. One of the drawback of emailing in earlier version of Sage CRM is that CRM does not support TLS/SSL enabled connection. Means if you… Read More »

Control Color of Buttons in Sage CRM

Recently we came across a forum in which Sage CRM user asked whether Color of a Button in Sage CRM can be modified. Well, answer is Yes and Color is controlled using CSS files. Let’s understand the same with an example. New Stuff: Recent List Customization in Sage CRM By default color of buttons in Sage… Read More »

Recent List Customization in Sage CRM

In Sage CRM, Recent list is used to quickly review previously visited records. In earlier blogs, we have explained Manage the size of the Recent List and Delete Recent List item in CRM. In this blog, we will explain how to alter other field into Recent List for custom entity. New Stuff: Troubleshooting issues with… Read More »