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Flip the Panels on Company/Person Summary Screen in Sage CRM

Sage CRM Company Screens and Person Summary screen contains distinct panels to display Company Details, Address, Phone/E-mail, and Primary Contact details. Sage CRM gives the flexibility to modify fields in these panels. Natively Sage CRM doesn’t allow to arrange Phone/Email, Address and Contact panels of our own choice. However, Sage CRM allows to customize these… Read More »

Insights of Billing and Shipping addresses within Sage CRM Order Entry Screen

In Sage CRM, Billing and Shipping Address are displayed on Order Entry Screen as shown below. New Stuff: Enable Hyperlink for Custom Entity record in Quick Find Search. One of our colleague who has recently joined our organization has asked us the query on how Billing Address and Shipping Address format is populated in Sage… Read More »

How the Phone, Email and Address Types are maintained in Sage CRM?

Customer Relationship Management refers to the strategy and practice that helps the companies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data to improve or facilitate the sales and service related transactions throughout the Business lifecycle. One of the major requisite before stepping into Sales or Marketing process is to get proper details for approaching the… Read More »

Filtering City based on selected State

Hi readers! Through these article I will be explaining you how we mapped cities against states for one of our respective client. To make my explanation more descriptive let me tell you the actual scenario. As you know the datatype of “State” and “City” fields on address panel are text. So what we need to… Read More »

How the address is arranged over multiple lines?

In Sage CRM, you can see address of Person arranged over multiple lines as shown below. This is because the corresponding view under the Address entity is written as follows. CREATE VIEW vAddress AS SELECT ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address1), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address2), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address3), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address4), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address5), ”) AS Addr_Street,… Read More »