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Insights of Billing and Shipping addresses within Sage CRM Order Entry Screen

In Sage CRM, Billing and Shipping Address are displayed on Order Entry Screen as shown below. New Stuff: Enable Hyperlink for Custom Entity record in Quick Find Search. One of our colleague who has recently joined our organization has asked us the query on how Billing Address and Shipping Address format is populated in Sage… Read More »

Information on Database Configurations in Sage CRM

Upon installing Sage CRM apart from selecting the installation path we are required to provide instance name and SQL server connection details to proceed further with installation. Whatever the instance name that we provide upon installation, the installation process will create a database in SQL with same name and required tables in the database. The… Read More »

Working with integrated Quotes and Orders screen

Hello everyone!! As you know, we have been writing blogs on Sage CRM and 300 ERP integration features and issues pertaining to it. In this blog topic, we will be discussing an issue which is linked to integrated Quotes and Orders screen. New Stuff: Use Escalation Rules for Birthday and Anniversary wishes Recently, while setting up… Read More »

Adding Search Select Advanced Field on Web Order Entry Screen

Sage CRM integrated with Sage ERP allows you to create Orders and Quotations in ERP from CRM. For this, they have introduced a Web Interface which is developed in SWT (Sage Web Toolkit). In my previous blog I had explained to add new field on Web Order Screen. Below is the link for same.… Read More »

Customer Statistics in CRM – ERP Integrated System

Customer information is the most important key in every business. The more you know about your customer, you will be in better position to serve him and pitch the product effectively. It is very helpful for Sales user to get overall idea about a customer and would be beneficial if it is available in just… Read More »

Expect smarter Email Marketing in Sage CRM 7.3 with MailChimp integration

One feature that Sage CRM community world wide was eagerly waiting for is the integration with smarter and easy to use E-Marketing tool. MailChimp is certainly the one that can serve the purpose. Mail Chimp integration is slated to release in SageCRM version 7.3 GUMU Sage CRM Integrations : Sage ERP X3 | Sage 100 | Sage 500 | Sage 300 MailChimp (… Read More »

Enhance your sales cycle with new GUMU Sage 100 Order Entry features

In a regular sales cycle, there is a lot which goes into making it a successful one. Adding discounts, comments, or even detailed descriptions might look small but are very important in closing a deal. And, the salesperson would like all these and much more to be efficiently handled by the system that he works… Read More »

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage 50 (US Edition) integration – GUMU Scheduler

Greytrix have various GUMU integration products where we have integrated many Sage ERP’s with Sage CRM. Today we will discuss about GUMU™ Scheduler available for Sage CRM – Sage 50 (US Edition) integration. GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage 50(US) integration is external synch utility which synch data to and from Sage 50 and Sage… Read More »

Restrict Sage CRM user access to your Sage 100 ERP data with GUMU Security Matrix

With GUMU Integration you can have better control of the way data is managed/shared in your organization. We have seen many features recently like Order Entry through Mobile/Tablets, RMA Integration, AR Invoice etc. We will talk today about a feature which has been since inception and a foundation to have better control over your business.… Read More »