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Effect of Logical disk space on Sage CRM

Day by day more advanced and useful business softwares are being launched by Sage. Sage CRM is one of them. Being business software, CRM stores very delicate data so it is necessary to keep proper maintenance of the Server/Machine on which it is installed. New Stuff: Make Calendar Control visible in Sage CRM While working on… Read More »

Permissions To Modify The CRM Configurations

With new versions of IIS, the security has been tightened a lot in order to setup secure environment for website deployment. You must have observed this behavior very commonly when you install SageCRM on latest windows servers with IIS7. When you try and edit any configuration under Administration tab, the authentication prompt comes up and… Read More »

How to restrict Users from accessing Default IIS page and Virtual Directory

Sage CRM being a web-based application requires a web server in order to function properly. The Primary role of this web server is to help store, process and deliver web pages as and when required to the users by means of HTTP. Now since Sage CRM is reliant on web server, IIS is one of… Read More »

CRM Configuration – IIS Settings

While working on CRM implementation we often tumble upon the IIS settings. Various IIS setting are playing very important role in most of the functionalities of Sage CRM like document drop functionality, data upload feature etc. If you face any such issues below are some of the IIS settings you can check to try and… Read More »