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Display On screen notification to Team rather than specific User

In Sage CRM, there are a wide range of different functionalities available. One of the most useful feature in Sage CRM is Escalation Rules. By using the Escalation rule you can perform numerous actions within Sage CRM such as displaying On screen notifications for users, send emails to customers, set certain column value, reset column… Read More »

Cloning Interactive Dashboard

Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard is on of the great feature. Where in you can see all data on same page. But creating Dashboard is very time consuming process. To overcome this we can Clone Interactive Dashboard feature of Sage CRM. In this blog we are going to explain you how to create the Interactive Dashboard… Read More »

Easy way of identifying Team Leader in CRM

Escalations for the betterment of services are the need of today’s business. Along with this Mail communications and notifications to customer are also important, but by whose name they should be conveyed? Simple answer is by Administrator, however small organizations always try and maintain the communications at Team level where Team leader is responsible for… Read More »