Cloning Interactive Dashboard

By | May 31, 2016

Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard is on of the great feature. Where in you can see all data on same page. But creating Dashboard is very time consuming process. To overcome this we can Clone Interactive Dashboard feature of Sage CRM. In this blog we are going to explain you how to create the Interactive Dashboard very quickly.
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For cloning a particular dashboard below steps need to be followed by creator. Once a dashboard is created, just select Template > Dashboard Template.
To Clone Dashboard follow below steps.
1) Select Template> Dashboard Templates. It will loads all the available dashboards. Refer below screen shot.
Dashboard Templates
2) Now, select the dashboard that needs to be cloned. Here, we are using Marketing Dashboard for cloning.
Marketing Dashboard
3) Once, the Dashboard is selected. Click on Clone button. It will create copy of selected Dashboard. Refer below screenshot.
Clone button
4) Select cloned Dashboard i.e. Copy of Marketing Dashboard and click on Modify button to rename the Dashboard as you want.
Copy of Marketing Dashboard
5) Here, you will have provision by which you can provide dashboard access to specific user. For this, click on Assigned Users tab and select the Assign button.
Assigned Users tab
6) After selecting the Assign button. You will get the list of all users. Select the User and click on Save button.
Select the User
7) After selecting the Assign button. You will get the list of all users. Select the User and click on Save button.
Assigned User
8) Log on as Assigned user you will have access to the New cloned Dashboard.
Hope this information help for restricting dashboard rights to specific users. Write us on for more details on any features related to Sage CRM.
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