Control Access to Group Emailing in Sage CRM

By | August 27, 2014

Sage CRM is a flexible system with strong controls to manage your business efficiently. Let’s see today about one of its Emailing feature. In Sage CRM, users can easily search for Companies or People and send emails using New Email button available on Find or Groups screens.
New Stuff: Additional Information in Entity Top Content Screens – Sage CRM v7.2
New E-mail button on Sage CRM Find screen:

New E-mail button in Sage CRM Groups:

Admin user can configure access rights to New E-mail button by following the below steps.
1) Login in to Sage CRM.
2) Navigate to below path.
Administration | E-mail & Documents | Documents & Reports Configuration.
3) Here the user can set field Send E-mail available on Search/Groups as either Admin Only or Info Manager.
Depending upon the settings done, New E-mail options will be available for Sage CRM users. If Admin only or Info Manager Options are set, then New E-mail button will no longer be available to Non-Admin users.
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