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Viewing My Opportunities on Interactive Dashboard

Sage CRM has an inbuilt Interactive Dashboard which is used to display Sage CRM data. Sage CRM User can view his Tasks, Opportunities through Dashboards. In this blog, we will explain how user can view his ongoing Opportunities in an Interactive Dashboard. New Stuff: How to control Email Forward and Reply Translations Below are the… Read More »

With Sage CRM you have “Better Control Over your Customers and your Systems too”

Sage CRM can be easily configured to restrict users for certain areas, screens, tabs etc. In one of the forums we have been asked if Dashboard tab can be restricted for certain users. In the past, we have read how to restrict Sage CRM user access to GUMU Dashboard with GUMU Security matrix. Our Other… Read More »

Interactive Dashboards to help day to day CRM tasks

Interactive Dashboard encompasses n number of features that make the life of CRM users very easy by catering information to them in a very presentable and business friendly format. In this blog we will discuss how one can enable the functionality of Sending E-mail, Creating Task and Appointment from Sage CRM Interactive dashboards. CRM Solution… Read More »

Create Linked Gadgets to get related information on CRM Dashboard

Dashboard is a visual representation that gives executives a quick and an easy way to view their company’s performance and an overall view of business.  Customization, drill-down to details, visibility of trends and data freshness. Greytrix and Sage ERP/CRM The perfect combination for clients across various industries in India In this post we will be… Read More »

Get key metrics right on your Interactive Dashboard using Saved Search

Sage CRM allows us to create simple dashboards for key insight into the business and to track performance. Aggregated data from Sage CRM like databases and spreadsheets can be easily shown on the dashboards with visual representation. In this blog, we would like to explain how to create simple dashboards using Saved Searches. GUMU Sage… Read More »