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Restrict users in creating Recurring Appointments

AS we know that Sage CRM’s Recurring Appointments feature allows appointments to recur based on defined recurring pattern. We use Recurrence button on New Appointment screen to create Recurring Appointments. New Stuff: How to increase search limit of Keyword Search By default, you can create maximum 200 recurring appointments in Sage CRM. Suppose, you want to… Read More »

Restrict Web Sites in Sage CRM Dashboard Website Gadget

Every Oraganization has their own rules and regulations or we can say Organization policy which must be followed by their employees. For Example, Lets say according to the Organization rules and regulations or Policy, Organization employee should not be able to access any unwanted website in Sage CRM. Sage CRM Dashboard Gadgets allows to configure… Read More »

Restrict Access to Workflow Rules based on Teams

In our earlier post, we had explained how to restrict any particular user from accessing workflow rule. Refer below link. Restricting Workflow rules to Assigned User New Stuff: Secure Documents and Communications in Sage CRM In this blog, we will explain how to restrict access on Workflow Rules based on Teams. Consider an example, where you… Read More »

GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM – Sage 100 DOs and DON’Ts

GUMU™  Integration for Sage CRM – Sage 100  link is real time bi-directional link. GUMU™  integrate front office and back office data, by which Sage CRM user can access integrated ERP data in Sage CRM directly from ERP. Installing and using a GUMU is very easy which can be done by system administrator by following… Read More »

Control users to create Appointments in Sage CRM

Sage CRM allows us to customize entry of data in a secured manner. Data security can be provided at various levels for an entity. In this blog, we will explain how security can be applied to control entry of appointments in Sage CRM. New Stuff: What if user is locked out in Sage CRM? Entry… Read More »

With Sage CRM you have “Better Control Over your Customers and your Systems too”

Sage CRM can be easily configured to restrict users for certain areas, screens, tabs etc. In one of the forums we have been asked if Dashboard tab can be restricted for certain users. In the past, we have read how to restrict Sage CRM user access to GUMU Dashboard with GUMU Security matrix. Our Other… Read More »