Custom Fields in Sage Intacct

By | February 24, 2020

Hazardous material is defined as any substance or material could risk to human health, safety of the public, handlers or carriers when being transported. A label called the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is used to define whether material is hazardous.

While entering any new item in Sage Intacct if we need to define whether that item is hazardous and need special care while transporting we can make the use of custom field to enable a checkbox as  ‘is hazardous item’.

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In this blog, we are going to discuss how custom fields of Sage Intacct will help in such scenarios so that we can capture data in Intacct that is unique to our business practices. Once a custom field is being added, it can become part of standard forms, such as Order Entry, Shipments.

We will first start with the process to define custom field in Sage Intacct:- Steps for Adding a Custom Field ‘is hazardous’ at item master:

  • Go to Platform Services, then click the + icon beside Custom Fields.Custom Field Navigation
    Custom Field Navigation
  • Choose the Object from the drop-down list to which you want to add a custom field and then click Next. In this case we will add a custom field i.e. ‘Is Hazardous’ on Item Setup record.Choose Object
    Choose Object
  • Choose a field data type :
    You can choose Data type for your Custom Field. It is depends on the type of data you want to capture.Choose Datatype
    Choose Datatype
  • Select field characteristics: Fill in the required values and set other values as needed for field characteristics for the data type you chose. Use a label and a description that help you to understand what type of data you need to enter in the field.Choose field characteristics
    Choose field characteristics
  • Choose deployment options: This will indicate whether the field is required and where it should appear in Intacct. Below are the various deployment options:-
Option Description
Required Makes the field required. Depending on the field type, the user must enter a value or select an option in order for the object to be saved.
Hidden Hides the field so that it is not displayed onscreen.
Inactive Hides and inactivates the field.
Field set Specifies the section to which you want to add the field. You can add a field to an existing section or create your own section.
Show on page Specifies the tab on which the Field set appears. You can select an existing tab, or enter the name of a new tab

Once the Custom field is setup you can go to a particular item and define whether that particular item is hazardous using the checkbox we have setup using custom fields.

Item InformationItem Information

So using the custom fields, we can define properties of the entities, which is help full throughout the business process.

This way we can easily customise the standard screen by adding the fields depending upon our business requirements.