Sage Intacct Unique Index

By | May 27, 2020

The Organization has many departments like finance, HR, Development, Sales. HR department share some lead name to the Intacct Company and leads may have same name for a particular department. Therefore, there is a possibility that the name can be available multiple times so it will create confusion with duplicate data without any identification.

To handle such a situation, Sage Intacct platform services provides Unique Index technique so that duplicate records can handled. Unique indexes can be used with custom objects only. It is used to combine two fields from an object into a single indexed and that value must unique within the object.
Whenever we have a group of values in a record that need to be unique as a combined set, you can define a unique index.

For example, in below Department object, we want to combine Name and Type fields into a unique index to ensure that the particular data is not being repeated for this object.

To do so, you can set a unique index for Name and Type so that you ensure this combination of values is always unique.

To add a unique index:-

  1. Go to Platform Services > Click Objects. Then list of all objects is displayed.
    Navigate to Objects list
    Navigate to Objects list

  2. Find and click the appropriate object. In this scenario, we select Department object to apply unique index technique.
  3. On the Object Definition page, scroll down to Unique Indexes.
  4. Then click New Unique Index. To create new index for this object.
    Add Unique index
    Add Unique index

  5. Enter appropriate name for understanding index.
  6. Type an Error Message to display any time a user enters a duplicate value.
  7. Select fields in the Available Fields column and move them into the Selected Fields column using the arrow buttons.
    Set fields combination
    Set fields combination

  8. Fill all details and then click save button to save unique index.

After following all the above steps, unique index is applied on the required object. If we want to add new record then Name and Type should be unique. Enter all field values like Name and Type then click on save button. If fields contain unique value then successfully added new record. However, if Name and Type already present in object then it will show below error.

Add new Department dataAdd new Department data