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Sage Intacct Merge fields in email template

To populate your emails with dynamic data from Intacct, use merge fields in your email templates. When you send an email, merge fields take customer information from Intacct and link it directly to the email. You can, for example, get the credit limit or the discount given to the customer. Merge fields give you the… Read More »

Document Template in Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct allows you to create professional templates for Account Receivables Invoices, Sales Orders in Order Entry and Purchase Order in Purchasing, etc. These templates have the ability to display specific data with merge fields from Intacct to share data as and how you want. Printed document templates are Microsoft Word files which creates a newly… Read More »

Audit Trail feature in Sage Intacct

Every Sage Intacct company contains many object as per company standards, and each object contains essential information of company. So company internal and external user need to know how any object related changes happen and who made the changes. We can have a record of who made changes and what time changes happen for particular… Read More »

Sage Intacct Unique Index

The Organization has many departments like finance, HR, Development, Sales. HR department share some lead name to the Intacct Company and leads may have same name for a particular department. Therefore, there is a possibility that the name can be available multiple times so it will create confusion with duplicate data without any identification. To… Read More »

Sage Intacct custom applications – Lockbox File Processing

A lockbox collection system allows companies to quickly process payments from customers. Banks periodically send files which needs to be imported into accounting system to update invoices and payments. Manually reconciling the bank file with transactions in accounting system can be tedious and time consuming process. For Sage Intacct; using Sage Intacct Platform Service we… Read More »