User Preferences in Sage Intacct

By | August 17, 2020

Preferences are nothing but group of settings which are used to define one’s products usability, visualization, behavior, actions, etc. In a technical term preference is usually used in relation to choosing between alternatives. For example, someone prefers Date format ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ over ‘DD/MM/YYYY ’if they would rather choose ‘DD/MM/YYYY ’if than ‘MM/DD/YYYY’.

In this blog, we will be discussing how we can set up our preferences.
Sage Intacct provides to set up preferences in two different ways:

  • Company Preferences: Admin will set up preferences that will affect all user across company.
  • Individual Preferences: This sets up your individual preferences which defines how you work in your environment in Sage Intacct.

Click your sign-in name at the top of any page and select My preferences.

If you’re an administrator, to set individual preferences for another user, go to Company > Admin > Users. Click Preferences on the appropriate user row.

Navigate to Users list

User Preferences

Note: If you’re an administrator, you can set your own individual user preferences as well as those of other users.

Below are the details included in Preferences section:
General information:-
Add your name, email address, etc. to identify yourself in the system. The system then automatically refreshes this information in user contact.
Security preferences:-
To keep your company and your identity safe from unwanted or unlawful access.
Email notifications:-
You may add signature notification to bottom of your system generated emails, and get notified based on your selected activities.
You may personalize as much as you want about your visuals in Sage Intacct across and within applications.
Check preferences:-
To print Checks, you may add/upload a GIF file with your digital signature. This signature will be available on both online and printed checks.
Note: Font size for checks and check stubs is fixed. Currently, you can’t change font size.
General preferences:-
You may set language selection, time zone, time format, date format, default warehouse, etc.

So using this preferences setup you can easily setup your choices within Sage Intacct.