Sage Intacct Smart Rule to trigger always

By | September 15, 2020

Sage Intacct provides Smart Rule feature which possess functionality that when the condition gets satisfied then only warning or error messages are displayed onto the client screen but in few scenarios client wants to display error or warning message in all conditions. So they want error or warning message every time before processing the further transaction.

In short, whether the condition is true or false, it will get executed and the warning message will appear for the user to fulfill the condition needed to be satisfied before transaction.

In this blog we are going to discuss the steps to set smart rule to trigger always and show warning or error message for both the scenario when condition is met or not.

Follow the below steps:
In our scenario we apply smart rule on AR invoice object.

  1. Go to Platform Services > Object customization >click Smart Rules menu then list of smart rule list display.

    Smart Rules

  2. We can edit an existing Smart Rule, or add a new one. To add new smart rule click on Add button.
  3. In our scenario we apply smart rule on AR Invoice ,therefore we select Invoice object from Owner object drop-down and click Next button.

    Choose Object

  4. If we need a pop-up as a warning or Error message after every event, then we need to select “Type” as per scenario. In our scenario we select Warning while creating the Smart Rule.
  5. Then select Smart Rule Events Add/Set/Delete for operation.
  6. Add Smart Rule Condition as:  1 !=1.
  7. Then add warning message for user identification.
  8. Click on Next button.

    Rule Condition

  9. Give the Smart Rule ID name for Developer Identification and status should be an active stage.
  10. Click Done when Complete

    Deployment Options

When we add any new Invoice, Update Existing Invoice that time warning message popup occurs. It’s nothing but message for user to check data or invoice before posting invoices.

Smart Rule Execution

So using the mentioned condition you can always trigger the smart rules to show any informatics warnings or Pre-requisites to Sage Intacct users.