Vendor Exception Report in Sage Intacct

By | September 24, 2020

Sage Intacct Vendor Exception report identifies the items that someone have ordered but not yet received.

Generally, this kind of report is required for Purchasers. Purchaser who have not yet received their items ordered so they may only look out for those particular items. For example, you may find out that some products are missing in your inventory. So you may query as “What inventory types or product types have been delivered by this Vendor for this particular order?” By querying this you will get all product types and you can then find out which product is missing one.

You can filter the list for combinations of vendors, items, and document dates, and also based on the scheduled ship date.

To run this report, go to Purchasing > All Tab > Reports and click on Vendor exceptions.

Navigate to Vendor Exceptions

To filter the records and run

  • Select reporting period from dropdown list or enter start and end dates you want the report to be shown.
  • Mention the filters for specific data you want. By specifying filters allows you to include or exclude specific data in the report such as item, customer, UPC, vendor, etc. Specify filters to get more specific results in your report.

Filter Vendor Exception Report

Filter Vendor Exception Report

To Run a Report
On the report page, click View. It will display all results for defined parameters.

Run Vendor Exception Report

So using this report you can easily track down the items which is not yet received from a particular vendor.