Transaction States in Sage Intacct

By | October 30, 2020

Sage Intacct allows you to save transactions, and based on those transactions its types are saved like Draft, Post or Save.
In this blog, we will be discussing the transaction types/states in Sage Intacct.

  • In Sage Intacct, whenever you create or partially create a transaction and submit as a Draft, transaction is saved at Intacct side. But it does not affect anything to Sage Intacct. For ex. If a draft transaction is created in Bills, it can’t be converted to another document in Payment until it is posted.
  • Example: Create and save an AP Bill as a Draft
  • To enter a Bill, go to Accounts Payable, and click on + sign beside Bills.
  • Enter the required details as to create a valid Bill.
  • Enter line item information for each entry you want to specify in the current Bill.
  • Click Draft, the Sage Intacct will save this Bill but won’t post it.
  • To Save and continue creating new one, click on Draft and New.

Note: You have just saved the Bill in the system, which does not affect anything. Eventually, current user or any other user may post this transaction.

Navigate to Bills

Bill- Draft mode

Bill- Draft mode


  • Once you have completed a transaction for your Bill and click on Post, if all your requirements are met then the Bill will be posted.
  • Example: Post a Bill
  • Go to Accounts Payable, and click on + sign beside Bills.
  • Enter the required details as to create a valid Bill.
  • When you done with entering the transaction details, click on Post and the transaction will be posted. In this case if you want you may draft it now and save it later.

Post Bill


  • There are certain transactions in Sage Intacct which allows you to save them. For ex. Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Items etc. For these types of transactions, clicking on save will Add the records.
  • While saving a record you never post a transaction. The Sage Intacct creates type of a new record which it uses in further transactions. For example, vendors, customers, items are all saved in Sage Intacct so that they are used while generating bills, payments, etc.
  • Example: Save a new Vendor record
  • Accounts Payable > Setup Tab > Vendors, and click the + sign beside Vendors.
  • On the Vendors Tab, enter the Vendor name and its information.
  • Now save the Vendor record by clicking on Save button.
  • Later, you may use this Vendor while creating Bills, Adjustment, etc.

Note: Those records which can be saved can’t be drafted or posted.

Vendor Stub

Find a transaction-

  • To know and locate what kind of state is set to which transaction, the transactions list for every object contains a column name State. This column determines whether the transaction is Draft or Posted.
  • To filter which transactions are Drafted or Posted, mention either Draft or Posted keywords on the State column and then you will get the accurate data.