Sage Intacct Pages Types

By | November 13, 2020

Pages are nothing but visual representations of object where user can add a new record, view an existing records, or edit an existing record.
Sage Intacct provide different type of pages for arranging multiple field’s based on the need of customer and the developer can change the overall layout of page.

As the developer, we decide which of the fields page could display, how it is arrange on the pages and what label is preferred to show on the pages for customer understanding and guidance. We can also write scripts to control which pages are visible to user.

Whenever we create object, a group of default pages are created, that default pages cannot be deleted, but we can clone that pages to create a new page or edit an existing page.

For understanding concept of pages I have created an using which we will see types of pages such as “Add new page”, “Quick page”, “edit page” and “list page”.

Navigate to any Object

When we click on the purchase lists object then we can see that New and Quick create page link at the top of the screen.

If the user has to insert or add new record, then either use Quick page or use new page.
Quick create page and new page both are the data entry pages in which we create a new record for the object.

On New add page we are powerful to put n numbers of fields as per user requirement. So user can fill all the information related to the object.

New Page link

New Page

Quick Create link

Quick Create Page

Quick page has the power to keep limited fields that required for entry.

Data editing page where records can be updated.
When we have to edit particular record related information, we can edit the same record by going to the edit page by clicking on the edit button in action.

Edit Option

Click on edit button to enter the edit page.

Edit Page

When we click on purchase list object then we directly land on list page, where we can view all the entries of the object.

On the list page, we place only such columns which are more important and also we can frequently check data base on that columns, a user can easily read and filter the record. And can see the records related information easily on this page.

List Page

So Sage Intacct provides different pages based on the users requirements.