Send email when customer is added using Sage Intacct Smart Event

By | March 5, 2021

We can add customer in Sage Intacct to sell goods or services to your customers. We add the customer not only for record keeping purposes but also for printing the names and addresses on forms, such as invoices.

Everyday many customers are added in Intacct. When new customers are added, they only know who added and the Intacct sales team has no idea of ​​that the new added customer.

So Intacct provides a feature of smart event that if any new customer is added into Intacct then we can fire trigger to the sales team through e-mail smart event with customer details. If any new customer is added, then we send the email to the sales team.

Below example helps to track new added customer by sending email to sales team when a customer is added.

Steps to create new customer:

  1. To add a customer, go to Accounts Receivable > All tab > Customers, and click the + sign beside Customers.

The Customer has multiple tabs that contain basic information about the customer, such as company name, address, and phone numbers.

Steps to implement email smart event for newly added customer.

  1. Go to platform services > Smart Events and click the + sign next to smart events.

    Navigate to Smart Event

  2. Select the object to which you want to add a Smart Event.
    Smart Events are applied to an object. The Owner Object pull-down menu gives you a list of objects to which you can add a Smart Event.
  3. In our scenario we added smart event to the customer so we select customer object from pull-down menu and click next button.

    Choose Object

  4. Specify what kind of action the Smart Event will perform in our scenario so we select Email action.
  5. After select email action we select Add event.

    Select Properties

  6. Specify information about the email you want to be sent when the Smart Event is triggered.
  7. Subject contain displayed in the subject line of the email. Body contain displayed in the body of the email.
  8. Set appropriate smart event name and click on the done button.

    Email Event

When new customer is added in intacct then email sent to the email field value that we set in properties with customer details.