Sage Transform 2022: A treasure trove of advancements, innovation, and community-growth!

By | October 25, 2022
Sage Transform 2022

Sage concluded its glorious Summit Sage Transform on 14th October 2022. However, the week-long event is nothing but the inception of ground-breaking innovation and trailblazing technology. The 5-day event has been mind-boggling, to say the least! From partners, customers, prospects, and end-users attending it from around the world, it has been home to fun, innovation, and wholesome discussions. With an accelerated vision to develop a community that thrives together, most of Sage’s advancements and announcements targeted strengthening the SMBs to be future-ready

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Greytrix at Sage Transform – Booth K2

As the Silver Sponsors of the Summit, we as Greytrix brought some of our top-class solutions for businesses to discover the ease of running seamless processes! Know more about our solutions:

As we sum up the gusto of the mammoth event, we hope to bring the best essence to you!  

Greytrix, as MPP Partners for Sage Intacct, were pinned to know about the enhancements and the Summit stood by its reputation. With Sage Intacct expanding from financials to include HR, payroll and retail.

Exploring the horizons: Acquisitions, Partnerships, and much more

For the first time in its history, we’re gonna scale Sage organically at a rate that’s never been seen before,” Says Steve Hare, The CEO of Sage, as he talks about Sage’s prowess as they gear up to embrace this transformation.

Aziz Benmalek, President, Sage North America, and EVP of Global Partner Org., reinstated throughout Transform, how through this journey, they are committed to bringing innovative technology, augmenting success, and building a safe future for the community! 

With a clear vision of knocking down barriers like economic turbulence, supply chain challenges, and labor shortages, Sage’s earnest effort is to build a mutually growing community. As they rebranded, they took leaps to reflect their values through their actions.

1. Simplify – Through connected systems

The Sage integration with Microsoft solutions is a revolutionary integration that will remove the hassle from our day-to-day tasks! The integrated capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Sage Intacct will simplify and automate workflows by managing approvals directly from Teams.

“Just like everything else I mentioned, the Digital Network powers the services that enable these capabilities within Teams. Our design principle is that these services must be portable to multiple platforms. So, the same capability is able to plug into Slack, just as easily as it is into Teams.” Says Aaron Harris, CTO of Sage

Moreover, as Sage Intacct and Sage Active will be hosted on Azure, it makes these solutions more accessible, secure, and flexible. Way to go, Sage Intacct!

2. Being Bold – Striding ardently towards transformation through the acquisition

Acquisition of Spherics Sage strengthens its commitment towards sustainability and climate change by acquiring Spherics to help businesses analyze and manage their carbon emissions. With this acquisition, they spearhead their goal of halving emissions by 2030 and going Net Zero by 2040. The Partnership will also enable SMBs jointly advocate for the policy.

Acquisition of Lockstep This acquisition proves to be a landmark step as they focus on automating accounting workflows. In addition, this acquisition conforms to their greater vision of building a robust Sage Digital Network.

3. Building Trust – By delivering consistently

Acquisition of Lockstep Team Sage continues to invest in Sage Intacct enhancements to gain and build over customers’ trust by delivering efficient and intelligent solutions.

4. Do the right thing – By promoting the growth of communities with you!

As Sage widely promotes entrepreneurialism and SMBs, it recognizes the barriers in the way of underrepresented communities.

Market Expansion: A vision of bigger and inclusive community!

As a part of its expansion into new markets, Sage increases investment in Sage Intacct with product enhancements and updates, making it more scalable and a next-gen solution. In addition, it sets foot into Europe, the first of Sage Intacct venture into a non-English speaking country for French businesses. By December, it will be available for the French Audience. Some other essential product enhancements include –

  • Sage Intacct Manufacturing
  • Sage Intacct Inventory Automation
  • Sage Intacct Lease Accounting
  • Partnership with MLB

    The event witnessed a pathbreaking partnership with Major League Baseball making it the Tech Giant’s first North American partnership. To diversify, enhance market presence, and drive visibility in the US, Sage strategically announces a partnership with MLB. In addition, Sage also supports MLB’s Diverse Business Partners (DBP) Program to help SMBs owned by minority-owned communities.
    The brand will be featured across media platforms, select televised and streamed games for sponsoring in-game ‘Pitching Decisions’.

    Expanding the Digital Network/Services

    Aaron Harris, the CTO of Sage, talks about the role of AI in improving productivity. The keynote gives a glimpse of the extent of this digital network that will streamline and reduce challenges. The idea is to empower businesses to address bias, technological divide, and build trust to create fair markets. Their vision of building a competent and future-oriented Sage Intacct presents hope to customers and SMBs to have a more inclusive, trusted community that breaks down barriers building a digitally connected network.

    About Greytrix

    As a long-term partner of Sage Intacct for over 23+ years, Greytrix has developed the expertise to provide complete end-to-end services for Sage Intacct. We offer 15+ app Sage Intacct integrations with various business apps like CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics 365 CRM, and Sage CRM), E-commerce (Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce), Payments and AP Automation (Checkbooks & MediusGo), Tax Compliance (Avalara), and many other apps (Treez, Oanda, RentManager, Apart from MPP, we are now Sage Implementation Partners, and as consultants, we help you adapt the best Sage Intacct Practices! We cover consulting services for various industries across verticals. We also have the Sales Commissions app for Sage Intacct, built on the native platform to simplify commission-related processes.

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    Sage Transform presents a bright and driven future for all Sage Intacct users. We look forward to seeing all these plans take shape!