Migrating from Sage 100 to Sage Intacct

By | June 14, 2024

Nowadays, the ability to access and maintain financial data is growing with increased data leak threats and redundancies. Having software that hampers your growth by failing to meet this crucial need can take a toll on your business.

That’s why an on-premise ERP software like Sage 100 is compatible with budding businesses that only want to fulfill basic requirements. Now, here, Sage Intacct comes into the picture. It is a cloud-based ERP software that adapts and grows with ever-evolving business demands. Due to its diverse capabilities of managing financial reporting, project management, accounting, and more, Sage Intacct is the preferred choice of modern businesses.

Still not convinced about Sage 100 to Sage Intacct migration? Read further to understand better.  

As companies grow and evolve, their operational and financial management needs also change. That’s why an ERP software like Sage 100 ERP needs to meet advanced and ever-changing business needs. To continue our ongoing business growth transitioning to a more well-vetted and agile cloud-based ERP like Sage Intacct is crucial.

Take a closer at the reasons why you need to migrate from Sage 100 to Sage Intacct:

  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards:

Sage 100 is limited to basic reporting functionalities, while Sage Intacct breaks this limitation by providing precise reporting and in-depth financial analytics. 

  • Cloud-Native Platform:

As an on-premises ERP, Sage 100 offers optional cloud hosting with additional configuration. On the other hand, Sage Intacct cloud ERP offers instant access to your system anywhere, anytime.

  • Multi-Entity Management:

Automates transactions and consolidates financials in real-time by effectively handling multiple entities across your business.

  • API and Integration Capabilities:

Integration is challenging with Sage 100 ERP due to its limiting API capabilities. At the same time, Sage Intacct supports seamless integration with other software and custom applications.

  • AI and Automation:

Sage 100 has minimal automation features, restricting your path to automation, but Sage Intacct has AI capabilities that automate routine tasks like matching transactions and suggesting actions.

  • Subscription Billing and Revenue Recognition:

Sage 100 lacks advanced billing and revenue recognition standards, so you need Sage Intacct with specialized modules for handling tough subscription billing and revenue recognition.

Why there’s a need to move from Sage 100 to Sage Intacct? While reading this blog this question might have passed by your mind, know let’s find the answers of it:

  • Timely Month-End Close:

Simplify you month-end closing activities and improve efficiency with detailed close calendar with clear insights and pre-determined deadlines.

  • Be Audit Ready:

Promptly address your financial risks as soon as they been identified by staying compliant to regulatory requirements and taxation norms.

  • Handle your finances with ease:

Keep your financial performance in-check with regular monitoring of financial metrics, trends, and, KPIs with crystal-clear analytics. 

  • Enhance efficiency:

Focus on crucial tasks by freeing your team with reduced data redundancies, manual data work and minimum human intervention.

  • Actionable Planning

With data-drive reports and analytics it becomes easier to take informed decisions that help in increasing business ROI.

Data handling and access across your organization are impacted by the migration process, which is one of the steps involved in implementing Sage Intacct. We try to keep things easy. Therefore, part of the Sage Intacct migration process is moving your data from the old system to the new one. In order for the company to run efficiently, Greytrix’s migration strategy tries to match user and system requirements. The following is our roadmap for migrating Sage Intacct:

Identifying your need

Data Extraction, Mapping, & Management

Customize & Migrate

Continuous Improvement  

You can read more here.

As a Sage Partner, we apply our many years of invaluable experience and knowledge to make clients’ data migrations to new systems simple and painless. We make sure that our clients receive the most out of Sage Intacct by offering individualized coaching and training. Since we value openness and reactivity at every stage of the process, you won’t ever feel ignorant during the move.

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