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Sage Intacct Unique Index

The Organization has many departments like finance, HR, Development, Sales. HR department share some lead name to the Intacct Company and leads may have same name for a particular department. Therefore, there is a possibility that the name can be available multiple times so it will create confusion with duplicate data without any identification. To… Read More »

Make fields mandatory using Smart Rules

While working with different modules in Sage Intacct, we sometimes come across a scenario where we feel the need to mandate some fields, that the user might miss providing its information. Well, is it feasible for us to make any field in any module mandatory? Yes! Smart Rule is the solution provided by Sage Intacct… Read More »

SmartLinkClicks To Browse Map in Sage Intacct

Sometimes the transporter requires the direction map to deliver the Inventory from one warehouse to customers place. In order to check the direction they will require to manually search the address on maps. Sage Intacct provides the SmartlinkClicks through which we can provide the direction link for the customers address so that Transporter can go… Read More »

Custom Fields in Sage Intacct

Hazardous material is defined as any substance or material could risk to human health, safety of the public, handlers or carriers when being transported. A label called the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is used to define whether material is hazardous. While entering any new item in Sage Intacct if we need to define whether… Read More »