Auto Execution of EXE file using Windows Scheduler in Sage 300 ERP

By | August 20, 2013

Many-a-times, clients require executing a particular .EXE file in Sage 300 ERP on daily basis, for a specific time. Using Scheduling >> Reminder List, user would be able to get popup for setting up reminders, but cannot run EXE file automatically, making it a very tedious task, to do manually for each day. Hence, User need to run Task Scheduler from Windows >> Control Panel.

For instance, user may want to create “Price List Code” for each item in database on daily basis by using EXE file.

Steps to run EXE using Windows scheduler

a) Navigate to Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Task Scheduler
b) Click on Task Scheduler >> Create Task option

Task Scheduler

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c) ‘Create Task’ UI will get opened.  In General Tab, Enter Task Name.

Create Task

d) In case you want scheduler to run even if user is logged off, then select the check box (Run whether user is logged on or not
e) Then navigate to Action tab and select New.
f) ‘New Action’ UI will get opened.

New Action

g) In ‘Program/Script’ select ‘EXE’ file, for which you want to run using Browse button.
h) In ‘Add arguments (optional)’ field, enter Sage 300 User Id, Password, and Company Name.  Separate these fields by comma (ADMIN,ADMIN,SAMINC)
i) Click on OK >> ‘New Action’ UI will get closed.
j) Now, navigate to Triggers Tab >> New >> ‘New Trigger’; an UI will get opened.
k) Add a scheduler to run the EXE.

New Trigger

l) Click on OK >> New Trigger UI will get closed.
m) Now click on OK button in ‘Create Task’ UI.
n) A pop up will get opened asking for System User Id and Password. Enter details and click on OK.

As a result, EXE file would run on daily basis as set in windows scheduler. Hence, making it easier for the users to automate their Sage 300 ERP process, reducing the time consumed to run EXE File on daily basis.


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