Auto Generate OE Confirmation Report in PDF format in Sage 300 ERP

By | August 19, 2013

Sometimes user/organization wants to generate OE confirmation (or any) reports in PDF file format. Standard Sage 300 ERP do provide this facility, but reports get printed using crystal runtime and after printing this report user needs to export it to PDF. So it becomes time consuming task to print the report in the PDF file format.
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So, we have come up with a solution for this, by customizing “OE Order Entry”, so that after posting an Order entry, program will print report in PDF file format. Hence, helping user save time and not going through double process to get report printed in PDF.

Greytrix Extended Report Pack for Sage 300 ERP –
Email Standard Order Entry Invoice Report in PDF or RTF Format –

In order entry screen, we set the path programmatically for creating PDF file on specified machine/Server. So after posting each order, user wise folder will get created on the specified path and PDF file will get generated on same path.
For example, if path for storing PDF is “C:\PDF Files” and username is “John”, then after posting the order, PDF file will get generated in “C:\PDF Files\ John”.
Major advantage of this customization is that organization can get the facility to track orders user wise and will not have to put in lots of effort in tracking it.
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