Display Entity’s Record Id on Screens in Sage CRM

By | October 16, 2017

Sage CRM’s various entities, be it Primary or Secondary have a unique identity value generated against each of its records. This id values getting auto-generated reduces the efforts of developer in order to create a unique identifier for the entities. Though these values are visible at Database level, there is no standard way of displaying it on the screen. But what if you want to add Id fields on entity screen?

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Here we have the solution, of how you can add the ID field on the screen. Since every entity has a Primary id column stored at the database level, this column itself must be made use of as explained below.

Consider you need to add the Company ID on company screen, just follow the below step to add the Company ID field on screen.

Step 1: Execute the below query in CRM database:

Update Custom_Edits Set ColP_System = ‘N’ Where ColP_ColName = ‘Comp_CompanyId’

Step 2: Give the Metadata Refresh. Now you will find the company ID field on field level of Company entity as shown in below screen.

Step 3: Add this field on company entry screen. Now create the record for company entity and save the record you will get the company ID on screen as shown in below screenshot.

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